Letter from Father Christmas 2016

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  • Original Father Christmas & North Pole postmark design
  • Signed by Father Christmas himself
  • Differents full-color letter designs
  • Extremely personalized
  • High quality A4 paper or 100% recycled paper at your choice
  • All orders are processed on a certified 100% secure server
Personalized Christmas Letter from Father Christmas to your Child.

Imagine your kids finding in your mailbox a personally addressed mail with a postmark design from the North Pole, signed by Father Christmas himself. The smile on your child´s face will be memorable when finding their name, address and friends mentioned in it. They will remember the Father Christmas letter for years! Read more

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Father christmas

Father Christmas and his elves process all Father Christmas letters orders carefully and we store them at our Father Christmas Mail Post Office to ensure that each Father Christmas Letter is received in time. Your child’s letter from Father Christmas will be received before Christmas.

You can create and personalize your Father Christmas letter now, with our easy Online Father Christmas Letter Creator. Just choose your favorite Christmas design, text, and personalize it with your child’s info.

Father Christmas is always watching, and he can write anytime to remind your child to be good.

¿Did you know that there are many different names for this man?

In different languages he is given different names, that are not the literal translation of a certain name.

Furthermore in the same language, in different countries he receives different names.

For example, in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, España, Paraguay, Perú or Uruguay he’s called Papá Noel.

In Chile, Viejito Pascuero or Viejo Pascuero.

In Venezuela, San Nicolás.

In Cuba, El Salvador , Guatemala , Honduras , Nicaragua, México and Dominican Republic, he’s called Santa Claus.

In Estados Unidos, Santa or Santa Claus.

In Portugal Pai Natal and in Brasil Papai Noel

In France and Quebec Père Noel.

In England, Australia y South Africa, he’s called Father Christmas.